Website Maintenance Plans

We don't provide hard and fast plans that tie you into monthly payments. What we provide is simple, ongoing maintenance as and when you require at an hourly rate of £40. 

You can have work completed on an as and when needed basis or we can agree work that needs to be done on a monthly basis and you pay a monthly fee. If you know what work needs to be done then we can do that. If you're not sure then we'll take a look at your site and make some recommendations. 

A bottom line process that every site owner should be getting done is a scan of your site every hour for unwanted scripts that may have been placed on the server. This is something that all hosting companies won't necessarily do (in fact very few do) and is something that website owners are not even aware of as being necessary.

If you'd like me to "look after" your site for you then feel free to call me on 0117 230 7000 or email me at and I can take a look at your site and make some recommendations.

Call us on 0117 230 7000 or email us at