The Tortoise Table Website

The Tortoise Table Website
The Tortoise Table is a charity that has put together an enormous database of plants, and provides information on whether these plants are safe or not to feed to your pet Tortoise.

I first worked with the members of the Tortoise Table when they were part of another charity that I provided (and still do provide) a website for. In 2009 they had the idea of creating this resource for tortoise owners and I worked with them in making their idea a reality.

In 2016 we redesigned and redeveloped the website with a responsive design, a new custom built CMS and a new forum package. 

The website is very heavily used being a well known resource for people who own a tortoise. It has also received much praise from Tortoise experts who have commented on the search facility that offers a clear method for specifying which plants are safe and which not.

Website Details:

  • An eye catching responsive web design
  • A PHPBB web forum
  • A large database of plant images and plant information.
  • Use of a CMS (Content Management System) to make site updates