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Web Design in Bristol Since 2000.

I'm Bee, your local web designer based in Bristol. With over 20 years of experience in designing and developing websites, I possess the expertise needed to design and build a website that's perfectly suited to your needs. Whether you're a business,  an organization or an individual, I'm here to ensure that your website not only looks sleek and modern but also delivers the results you desire. From web design to website functionality, I'll work closely with you to create a website that truly represents your vision and goals.

Please don't hesitate to Get in touch to discuss your web design project requirements. 

Local Web Design and Ongoing Website Support in Bristol

I design and build websites and I also build good business relationships with my clients. I provide peace of mind for you knowing that your website is in good hands and I will take care of all aspects of your online presence.

What Beework Web Design Offers

Jargon Free Chat & Advice

I'm always here to address any questions or concerns you may have about your website, and I'll do so without overwhelming you with technical jargon.

Clear communication is key to me.

Editable Web Designs

I always build in a Content Management Systems (CMS) into the websites I build, enabling you to make simple edits to text and images at your convenience.

I offer one to one training sessions in using the system.

Maintenance Packages

I offer various maintenance packages tailored to suit your needs, ensuring you can access my expertise whenever necessary.

During our initial consultation, we'll discuss your available options.  

Website Security Updates

I offer comprehensive security updates and continuous monitoring to safeguard your website against threats. This includes vital updates for WordPress themes and plugins.

I take proactive measures to keep your website safe and protected.

Web Hosting, Emails & Domains

I offer a complete suite of services, including web hosting and email hosting. I also provide all aspects of domain management, ensuring your online presence remains seamless.

With expertise in all key areas, I'm equipped to maximize your website's potential and functionality. 

Web Apps & Software Solutions

Drawing upon my extensive experience in web development spanning many years, I'm equipped to fulfil virtually any functionality you may require for your website.

If you have a particularly intricate requirement for your website or web application, don't hesitate to reach out. 

Some of the Organisations and Businesses that have used my Web Design Services.

Prophecy Unlimited Logo
2Funky Arts Logo
Academy Arts Logo
NHS Logo
BBC logo
University of Bristol Logo
Bristol City Council Logo
Environment Agency Logo
Hubworking Logo
Bath & North East Someset Logo
Primary Site Logo
Somerset Council Logo
South Glos Logo
Macai Logo
Astra Logo
David Woodward
Pill Churches
"The web site design and subsequent customer care provided by this person is absolutely first class."
Alison Reynolds
Plan B Theatre
"Site is easy to use and update even for someone with little knowledge of computers. Thanks for a great service"
Richard Bond
Kingswood Players
"Once again, Bee has bailed me out! Always helpful, despite my lack of knowledge and web skills. Thanks again."
Andy Robertson
"At every stage of the construction and development of the site Bee has been flexible, communicative and creative. A five star service."

Web Design Frequently asked questions.

I don't have any content. Is that a problem?

No, that's not a problem. We can work with you to build the content for the website or give you hints and tips on creating the content yourself.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. All costs associated with your website will be outlined at the beginning of the journey and there won't be any additions to this unless you request further pages or functionality at a later date.

I have my own domain name, is that OK?

Yes we're more than happy for you to use your own domain and keep it registered elsewhere should you wish. We can help you configure the domain to work with our service.
If you do have a domain we are more than happy for you to transfer the domain to our control (you still remain the registered keeper) and manage it for you. We can then include the cost of renewals with our annual fee.
If you don't have a domain then we can register one for you and the cost will then be included in your annual fee.

Do I own the website?

Yes, you own the website and the domain name, if we registered it for you.

What's the annual (monthly) fee for?

The annual or monthly fees cover web hosting, domain renewals, use of our website editor and regular maintenance that we carry out on your behalf

Website Creation: Our Web Design Journey.

  1. Initial Consultation

    It all begins with an initial consultation, a crucial step where we delve into key elements essential to grasp before embarking on the web design journey.
  2. Thinking About Website Content

    During this session, we'll explore the content for your website. Whether you prefer me to create it or you provide it, we'll offer valuable insights and tips to enhance its quality if you choose to contribute.
  3. Visual Mock-up

    Once I have a clear understanding of your website's requirements, I commence by sketching out a visual representation of the web design. This typically involves producing a home page layout along with designs for other pivotal pages. You'll have the opportunity to provide feedback on the design until it aligns perfectly with your vision.
  4. Web Development

    Upon approval of your web design, we transition to the development phase. Here, I integrate the initial design with any images you've provided, as well as selected stock photos. Placeholder text is added to ensure the site's visual integrity, allowing us to refine its appearance before incorporating final content.
  5. Putting it All Together

    The penultimate step involves incorporating all finalized content, be it supplied by you or created by me.
  6. Build Your Control Panel

    I then proceed to build a user-friendly control panel tailored to your site's specific needs.
  7. Go Live!

    Lastly, I reach the exciting moment of sign-off, marking the readiness of your brand new website to go live.
  8. Updates & Maintenance

    But our journey doesn't end there. Post-launch, I start the process of conducting routine security checks and providing ongoing web support. Whether it's addressing queries or assisting with content creation and updates, I remain steadfastly at your service.

Empowering Your Online Presence: My Web Design Solution

Sleek Contemporary Web Design

Experience a sleek and contemporary web design tailored to your business objectives and values. My web designs not only resonate with the expected audience but also deliver the precise message and experience you intend.

Keep Your Website Fresh

Stay in control with my intuitive website editor, allowing you to effortlessly make updates in real-time. Add or modify images and text across your website with ease, ensuring your content and web design remains fresh and relevant.

I Do Website Updates Too

Need a helping hand? I can provide dedicated time to assist you in managing your website. Whether you lack the time or expertise, simply send us your web updates, and I'll take care of the rest.

Our First Class Service

Enjoy exceptional value with our comprehensive offerings, all at competitive rates. we don't offer fixed prices due to the uniqueness of each project. Rest assured however that our prices typically undercut those of our competitors.